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Our Policies on Sponsored Posts

Thanks so much for taking an interest in Outlined below is our sponsored guest posts policy which is dude02consistent for all inquiries on guest post opportunities.  If you are an independent travel blogger please review this page regarding our free guest posting opportunities. For more information about other methods of advertising with us, check out our“Advertising with us” page.


Policy on Ethics and Transparency: strives to ensure that the quality of material produced and the integrity of this site is well maintained. We will not add/embed sponsored links into past posts. All post written by guest authors will indicate as such. Furthermore, reserves the right to alter how sponsored guest posts, past and present, are labeled to ensure that we coincide with best blogging practices.


No Follow Links: All sponsored guest posts on will be required to have the rel=”nofollow” code inserted into all links in order to abide by Google’s Paid Link policy.


Proposal: Interested parties will be required to submit a minimum of five (5) possible topics for their intended sponsored guest post to Topics must be relevant to and engaging to its readers.


If you are interested in submitting a sponsored post please contact us with a proposed budget that you would like to work within so that we can reach agreeable terms. Once a price has been agreed upon, all payments and transactions must be completed 1 week (7 days) prior to the sponsored post going live on Request for payment will be sent through a PayPal invoice, issued from the email address Please include in your topic submission a business email for invoicing, otherwise the invoice will be sent to the email from which the inquiry was sent.  Payments will be refunded should we decide not to publish your post.


Sponsored Guest Post Policy: All sponsored guest posts must be original creations written specifically for by the sponsoring party. They may not be republished works, from any other site or blog past or future. Submitted posts are subject to inspection via to ensure authenticity. All posts must coincide with the theme of our site and must be beneficial and informative to the reader. In addition, all suggested topics must be directly related to the topics of traveling and/or leisure activities or it will not be approved for posting. We reserve the right to discontinue our agreement if the quality of the post submitted does not meet the standards of


Posts are limited to two outgoing links and typically run between 400-700 words long. Along with the post, and image must be provided, and up to three images are allowed unless otherwise agreed upon. Images must be the property of the author, or the author must have been given written permission by the photographer for the rights of their creative property. The sponsoring party is responsible for supplying all images and/or links to suggested images for the sponsored post. Proper citation must be included with all pictures and/or graphics. Proper citation includes the photographer/designer’s name, date image was taken/created, and the site from which the image was taken or hosted. If you do not have an image for your post one can be selected via Creative Commons but must have proper citation. Additionally, any photos selected that are not the property of the author must coincide with Creative Commons Licensing guidelines. Any images that are Non-Commercial (NC) cannot and will not be used. The author must include a short 2-3 sentence bio, a head shot image and a link to aone social media profile, which will be placed at the foot of the post. Please include the bio and link to the contributing author’s profile/image within your submitted post. reserves the right to perform final edits and/or refuse sponsored guest posts.


Social Media – All posts remain on the homepage during the normal rotation which typically lasts for 2-3 weeks. Posts will also be published on our Facebook fan page as well as twitter through the@lazy_loafer, and submitted to, where if it covers an interesting topic has been known to hit over 1000 views in a single day. We encourage all guest authors to stumble, re-tweet and like the posts to help promote your hard work.


Sponsored Posts will remain live, archived, on the site as long as remains an actively maintained website. We can guarantee, at minimum, will remain active throughout its annual contract which is extended at the end of each year.


Thank you for taking an interest in We greatly appreciate your business and look forward to hearing back from you. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at


The Lazy Loafer Team



Please Note: It is violation of federal law for paid links to be listed without telling our readers. The FTC is cracking down not only on bloggers but brands and companies alike for violation of this law.  Also, per Google’s policies, ALL paid links MUST be No Follow Links. We do NOT post sponsored contests, raffles or the like other than those of our own.


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