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Top 5 Funniest Facebook Posts About the Grammys

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Top 5 Funniest Facebook Posts About the Grammys



Yeah, we know the Grammys aren’t really travel related, but we all would have to admit that music plays a huge part in our travels…and leisure.

If you watched the Grammy’s last night, then you know that there was plenty to talk about, and people were doing a lot of it on Facebook and Twitter. Below, you’ll find a few Facebook posts that caught our attention.


1) In regards to Madonna’s age and outfit…we think. Or, this could have been a dig at Steven Tyler’s new bit of facial hair…

FB funny6

2) If you saw Alicia Keys full frontal split in her dress, then this one should ring a bell. Posted by a guy we know.

FB funny5

3) HA! If you saw the show and the performance, then this one needs no explanation.

FB funny4

4) If you know your rock history, then you know that some people blame Yoko Ono for the demise of the Beatles. She presented an award last night and one Facebook user thought they had brought her out to signal the end of the show. Could just be circumstantial, but the show did end 30 minutes after her appearance…Hmmmm.

FB funny3


5) Do you watch Saturday Night Live? If so, this little quip should cause a chuckle.

FB funny2

Bonus: Any time you can reference Hobbits or JR. Tolkien in general, we’ll probably post it. Hilarious!

Image 8

FB funny


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