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Tips for Happy Camping

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Tips for Happy Camping

You might have noticed that camping is one of the more popular pastimes of people of all ages throughout the world. Some people go camping to seek a test of their true grit, others to take a temporary break from their fast, busy lives. It gives the outdoorsy, enthusiastic person an opportunity to live a simple yet adventurous life far from the day-to-day monotony of modern society.

Resized - shutterstock_99173516If you want a unique holiday with family, planning the perfect camping trip can be challenging—especially on a limited budget.  But don’t forget that the first experience your kids or any other newbie has with camping will set their willingness to go on future trips, so plan carefully.        

The following tips will help you with preparations and arrangements whether you are exploring the wild or camping in your own backyard. 

Create or Find Shelter before Dark – The first and most vital tip for happy camping is to set up camp before dark. Therefore, you need to decide in advance what type of housing will be suitable for you. You can opt for a tent, recreational vehicle or a cabin to stay safe and secure.  However, if you’re with an adventurous group, you might go for primitive types of camping options like sleeping under the sky in hammock.

Importance of the Sleeping Bag – Whenever you are planning a camping trip, you should choose the right sleeping bag for the season. For instance, a lighter sleeping bag is ideal for the spring-summer season whereas in fall-winter time you need to pick a warmer sleeping bag.

Packing Essentials for Mealtime – Be sure to bring the proper amount of food and drinks—especially water. But try to pack only the necessities for preparing each meal if you are travelling light.

Leave No Trace behind – Make sure you leave nothing behind at your campsite, thus protecting and preserving nature for future generations. Clean up before you leave to keep the ecosystem undisturbed—even if that means picking up after someone else (such as the people who stayed there before you).

Take a Survival or Medical Kit – You always have to be prepared for whatever situation you might face when camping. Therefore, pack some significant things in the survival kit such as a knife, water purifier, necessary utensils, flashlight and extra batteries, waterproof matches, essential medicines, Band-Aid’s and flare guns or other signalling tools (mirrors, horns/whistles, flashing lights, etc.) if possible.

Don’t Get Lost – Even people who are experienced can make this mistake. It’s easy to lose your bearings while camping, but doesn’t have to be inevitable. Avoid going too far from your campsite alone.  Also, tell someone else where you’re going and when you expect to return.  Be sure to carry some important supplies wherever you might go—just in case.

Overall – Remember to maintain hygiene, carry clean clothes, and stay away from insects or unknown plants, as they might be poisonous.  Also, avoid wearing fancy dress and stick with a comfortable outfit that is appropriate for the wild.

Here are a few other tips/ideas to make your trip go smoothly.

Above all else, stay safe, be prepared and have fun. 

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  1. Camping is always fun and exciting. Not many people are fond of it but I really enjoy camping. Another good thing about it which i consider a bonus is that you can always do it with all members of the family. An

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