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Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

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Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

Let go your inhibitions, go with the flow and get back to nature – it’s time to celebrate the summer solstice!  And what better place to celebrate the day with the longest period of daylight, than at Stonehenge.  It’s a day that brings thousands of Britain’s New Age clans such as the neo-druids and neo-pagans together with regular families and tourists from all over the planet to one of the most famous sites in the World.

Stone Henge

Stonehenge, a World Heritage Site, sits as a solitary monument on Salisbury Plain, a treeless, chalk terrain blanketed with native grassland, and dates back to around 3000 BC.  The stones that make up the prehistoric circles of what is thought to be an ancient burial ground, weigh up to four tons and not all are inherent to the area.  On mid summers day, standing inside the interior of this monument facing north-east, you can look through the entrance towards a rough cut stone outside of the circle (known as the Heel Stone) and see the sun rise directly above the Heel Stone.

Druids at Stone Henge

The midsummer ritual is one of only two times visitors are permitted inside the sacred monument (the other, of course, being the winter solstice).  Normally Stonehenge is roped off to the public and one can only get within feet of it (though not having to get up at the early hours of the morning for the sunrise, dealing with enormous crowds and traffic has a lot going for it too).  This awe-inspiring creation is encased in mystery and will not fail to impress no matter when you choose to visit.

Once the solstice is over, you may want to visit the historic “World Heritage City of Bath.” Bath dates back nearly 10,000 years when the Celts and Druids (believed to be the same people who constructed Stonehenge), built a shrine at the site of the natural, geothermal hot springs which they dedicated to their goddess Sulis.  The ancient Romans later built a spa on the site.  Its history as a British resort is pretty impressive too.


If you go, here’s some useful information for you…

Timings for Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

    1900 hours (7pm) Thursday 20th June
    1900 hours (7pm) Thursday 20th June
    0600 hours (6am) Friday 21st June
    0800 hours (8am) Friday 21st June
    1200 hours (12 Noon) Friday 21st June – see Travel and Parking for further information on travel and parking arrangements.

Sunset and sunrise occur at the following times:

  • Sunset on Thursday 20th June 2013 is at 2126 hrs (9.26pm)
  • Sunrise on Friday 21st June 2013 is at 0452 hrs (4.52am)


Lorraine Sloan, an occasional contributor for Lazy Loafer, grew up in Chilcompton, England not far from the historic, World Heritage City of Bath.  While living in the UK she was a frequent visitor to the Greek Islands and has also travelled to Turkey, France and Spain.

She has since immigrated to the United States and is living on a salt-water bayou on the Emerald Coast of north Florida where she runs tourism-promotional website called promoting Blue Ridge, GA and the Fannin County area.


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