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Senoia, GA – History, Scenery and…Zombies?(Part:1)

Senoia, GA – History, Scenery and…Zombies?(Part:1)

It’s the end of the world.  The planet has been overrun with undead zombies who hunger for human flesh.  A handful of desperate survivors, driven nearly to despair, do whatever it takes to stay alive.  Yes, it’s the dreaded zombie-apocalypse and it’s all going down in Senoia, Georgia.

 That’s right, folks.  In a world where the dead come back to life, prisons are safe havens and Daryl carries a cross-bow for silence but still drives a louder-than-heck motorcycle, the city streets of Senoia, Georgia have been cast as the town of Woodbury—the fictional small town run by “the Governor” (if you’re a fan of the show, you know of whom I speak).  In fact, as of this writing (June 2013) filming for Season Four is still ongoing in Senoia.  By the way, that’s pronounced “Seh-NOY,” if ya wanna sound like a local…not “Seh-NOY-uh.”

 So what does this mean for all of us lazy loafer zombie fans?  Simple—road trip.  So, let’s learn a little about our next destination.

 Senoia is located about thirty miles south of Atlanta—close enough for daytrippers who happen to live in that ‘burg.  But those who come from afar or just don’t want to be rushed, should consider lodging and the first place to try is the Veranda Historic Bed & Breakfast Inn


 Built in 1906, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Veranda was originally known as the “Hollberg Hotel.”  Many years later it was sold, renamed the “Veranda” and began doing business as a B&B.  It is now being run by Rick and Laura Reynolds who may be two of the most friendly people one could ever hope to meet.  Rick Reynolds was a professional psychotherapist for nearly twenty years while Laura taught kindergarten, first and second grade.  They were also in the ministry as well.  To say that they are “people persons” and “good listeners” would be a bit of an understatement.  After retiring from their previous vocations, they bought the Veranda B&B and now spend their days providing first-class service to their guests.  Some people say “men can’t cook” but Rick prepares most of the meals and, as one reviewer said “the breakfast is absolutely amazing! I can’t recall the last time I had a 3-course breakfast, but come hungry! Rick makes the most amazing roasted potatoes and balsamic tomatoes!”

 The Veranda truly is a “historic” landmark.  Among other notables, Margaret Mitchell interviewed a number of Civil War veterans there while doing research for Gone With the Wind.  William Jennings Bryan (who served as counsel for the prosecution in the famous “Scopes Monkey Trial”) also stayed there during his presidential campaign in 1908. 

 The Veranda has seen its share of modern-day celebrities, as well.  As they have posted on their Facebook page,  the Veranda has played host to a number of  “Walking Dead” stars.  From the cross-bow totin’, Harley-drivin’ Daryl (Norman Reedus)

Walking Dead Stars

image courtesy of the Veranda Historic Bed & Breakfast Inn

to the tortured, driven Rick (Andrew Lincoln)


image courtesy of the Veranda Historic Bed & Breakfast Inn


to the stalwart, faithful Hershel (Scott Wilson)


image courtesy of the Veranda Historic Bed & Breakfast Inn


to the battle-scarred warrior Andrea (Laurie Holden)


image courtesy of the Veranda Historic Bed & Breakfast Inn

 There’s a lot more to the Veranda, though, than zombies and those who fight them.   As their website states, the Veranda is an “8,000 square foot inn with nine guest bedrooms (and) still has its original features: Georgia heart pine floors, ornate tin ceilings, elegant light fixtures and chandeliers, and eleven fireplaces. A beautiful garden, rocking chairs and porch swings on the generous wrap-around veranda add to your journey back in time.  You’ll also enjoy the inn’s upstairs library with its hundreds of books and magazines.” 

Not only that, but the Veranda gets their share of more traditional (i.e. less “zombified”) entertainment, as well.  The bluegrass band Sourwood Honey recently put on this little concert on the veranda of the Veranda (click on the play button at the bottom of the image and be sure your speakers are on),  while singer/songwriter  Will McCranie has been known to show up from time to time.  Wanna sample?  Check out this impromptu performance he put on at the Veranda one morning right after breakfast (again, click on the play button at the bottom of the image and be sure your speakers are on). 


What would bring such talent to Senoia?  Well, the last time Will was in town, he played at the Southern Ground Social Club, owned and operated by country music star Zac Brown.

Southern Ground

Zack Brown’s Southern Ground

 Not only is the Southern Ground one of Senoia’s premier spots for food and entertainment, they also sponsor Camp Southern Ground— a “summer camp and retreat destination for children of all abilities and backgrounds, bringing them together to learn life skills and teamwork in a positive, healthy and organic environment.”  Visit to learn more about the camp, how to donate and how to get involved. 


By the way, “walkers” and musicians aren’t the only showbiz types known to haunt Senoia.  It has also been the location for scenes from “Fried Green Tomatoes,” “Driving Miss Daisy” and “Broken Bridges.”

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    Looking forward to a visit around July 15th! If you see a Marine walking around with a black Marine hat…don't shoot..I am still alive! 🙂