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Must READ! 5 conversations to avoid during your Thanksgiving Dinner

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Must READ! 5 conversations to avoid during your Thanksgiving Dinner

As you gather with friends and family to give thanks this Thanksgiving, be sure to heed our friendly advice. There are a multitude of taboo topics that you should avoid while scarfing down those yummy dinners.

Help your own digestion and promote family harmony by definitely staying away from the following five. (Feel free to share your own conversations to avoid in the comments below)
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1.      Uncle Joe’s Colonoscopy procedure: Since you may have never had one, you may be tempted to join in and ask questions about how they duct taped Uncle Joe’s junk to his stomach and went to probing for Butt bullets, but we highly recommend you staying away from this one. The sooner no one responds to Uncle Joe when he brings it up, the sooner the conversation will shift to more pleasant topics…like religion and politics. (Likewise with Grandpa’s Prostate exam and Cousin Bill’s Vasectomy.)

2.      Aunt Jenny’s Big Ol’ Face Mole: We realize that this has been a major topic of private conversations for years, but to have a few drinks and let this one loose in the living room is probably going to make those $5 dollar birthday checks come to a screeching halt. Just say no.

3.      Little Johnny’s Sexual Ambiguity: Yes, it is a more open minded world out there and tolerance is at an all time high, but Little Johnny’s Mom and Dad may not share that tolerance. For you to bring up the fact that Little Johnny is wearing high heels and twerking on the sun porch is probably not the best topic to initiate…especially since Grandpa is probably not on the tolerance bandwagon.

4.      Obamacare: Grandpa or Uncle Joe will be bringing this topic up somewhere between parking the car and giving Aunt Jenny her “awkward I don’t want to kiss the mole side of your face hug.” Whether you’re for it or against it, it’s going to happen…and it’s going to be controversial… best to avoid throwing in your 2 cents…especially if you’re in the minority. Keep the peace.

5.      That One Time…: You know what we’re talking about. That Christmas/Thanksgiving/Passover where Uncle Joe had too much beer/eggnog/moonshine, then started a fight with the neighbors little girl, threw a tricycle at old man Johnson’s lawn sculpture, and passed out in the middle of the dinner table…during the blessing. He was embarrassed, Grandma is still pissed and no one else wants to relive this painful situation. The Obamacare conversation will already have the family on edge, so there is no need to drop this little gem on them as well.

Remember, Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks, and coming closer. No one likes their holidays marred by crappy memories. Take our advice and help keep the peace, and if you don’t, feel free to get a video and share it with us.

To you and yours, we here at wish you the Happiest of Thanksgivings and are very thankful for all of you who love Loafing with us.

2013-11-25 13.20.46Wes is our CEL (Chief Executive Loafer). Once an uptight control freak who worked as a Sales officer for a Fortune 100 Financial Services Corporation, Wes has finally found his Zen and learned to let go…a little. Oh, he’s still a control freak, but he’s no longer so uptight about it. Secretly, Wes has spent the majority of his adult life working at finding new and innovative ways to loaf. Moving from the Mountains of Northeast Georgia to the Emerald Coast of Florida finally provided the ultimate inspiration. Today, Wes spends his time working out, smoking pork butts, testing new and strangely named craft beers, and hanging with his five year old daughter and wife on the beautiful beaches of South Walton County and Destin. His most productive time is spent running a successful web marketing firm and working on…which allows Wes to find his own loafing experiences and to vicariously loaf through the experiences of others.


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