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Loafer’s Choice Awards

Like most other loafers out there, we love a good competition.

So in that spirit, we have decided to begin a series of competitions. Competitions, not judged by us…but by YOU. If we are really to find the best of the best, the readers should be the judges. Hence the name, The Loafer’s Choice Awards.choiceawardspicweb07

Problem: There are so many travel and loafing related categories. We had a tough time deciding where to start.

Obviously, we can’t just throw each and every category out there like the local chamber of commerce or newspaper. We are Loafers, dammit!

Our methods must be different. Our contests must be true to the Loafing mentality. We have to do this the easiest, most efficient and arbitrary way possible. (The beauty of this site is that we don’t have to cover everything and be all things to all people. We just have to be great at loafing and telling you about ways of doing it!)

So after a painstaking and arduous 3 and half minute discussion, we have decided to start with the type of loafing establishments that we, and many others, are quite passionate about; establishments that encompass a “must do” activity on every trip that we here at Lazy Loafer take; and finally, establishments that fulfill our love of good food, better drinks (especially beer), fun and frivolity: First and foremost among them is¬† The American Irish Pub.

The Methods:

  1. We are holding four regional competitions. The Southern Regional winner has already been chosen (Lynch’s Irish Pub, Jacksonville Beach Florida) .usa-regions-map
  2. In round one of the regional contest, the Lazy Loafer readers nominate their favorite pub in the given region only, to be considered. Nominations will be accepted for two weeks.
  3. In round two, the Lazy Loafer Readers will vote for their favorite in that region. The nominees are welcome to encourage their patrons, fans and likers to participate in the voting on the Lazy Loafer site.
  4. Voting will last for a period of two weeks.
  5. The winner will be announced the day following the close of voting. A plaque will be presented to the winning establishment on a date to be named later.
  6. After each region has selected a winner those winners from each region will compete  for the national championship.


You may nominate your favorite Irish Pub for The Loafer’s choice award by clicking here.


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