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Loaf Like a King on President’s Day

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Loaf Like a King on President’s Day

President’s Day.  President’s Day!?  You have got to be kidding me!  If you’re the American president, every day is President’s Day. The president is (or thinks he is) the most powerful person on the face of the Earth.  He has a group of Secret Service men-in-black who will beat the crap out of anyone he points at, the coolest airplane known to mankind, his own personal, nuke-proof, self-contained bunker in case of a zombie apocalypse and access to young, cute interns with cigars.  Who’s he taking orders from?  Congress?  The Supreme Court?  The press?  Yeah, right.  The Constitution?  That’s what paper shredders are for.  His constituency?  Only during campaign speeches.

Okay, the first lady, maybe, but even then…

Presidents’ Day is not The President’s Day.  It’s just something we get to tack onto Sunday to give us a three-day weekend.  If you ask me (and few people do) if they really want to give us a Monday off in February it should be the day after my Super Bowl party.  I’m still hurting from that one.  But that’s a whole ‘nother story…

Still, if the benevolent, all-knowing federal government (all praise its holy name) sees fit to give us, its lowly subjects, a holiday, who am I to  punch a gift horse in the mouth?

So, let’s see about some loafing…

Unfortunately, there’s one minor drawback.  It’s the middle of February and polar vortices are flying around thicker than cream pies in a Three Stooges short.  Well, in the immortal words of Jimmy Buffet, maybe we can “go where it’s warm.”

That’s easier said than done.  This year there haven’t been many places that haven’t frozen over.  There was sleet in Panama City Beach, Florida last week and even Tijuana, Mexico has been suffering from temperatures in the forties.  If you really wanna go where it’s warm you may have to travel all the way down to Key West.   Which isn’t necessarily a bad idea.  Soak up the sun, check out the fishing, drink rum at Sloppy Joe’s…

Key West

Give Susie at Key West Key a call.  She’ll hook you up.

If you’re feeling adventuresome, you can try a true tropical paradise.  One of our favorite contributing loafers, Charli Moore, has a piece here about Costa Rica.  Best of all, she is a professional house sitter, which enables her to travel the world without having to pay for lodging (keep an eye out here for upcoming pieces from her on how you, too, can take advantage of global house sitting opportunities).

Still, it is, after all, only a three-day weekend.  For most of us, Key West and Costa Rica are a bit of a long haul.   Maybe there’s another solution.  In the spirit of “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” you can always try to EMBRACE THE COLD…

Most of Vail Resorts locations are seeing some epic snowfalls this year, creating some way epic action on the radical, epic slopes.  Which is totally epic because Vail Resorts has installed EpicMix RFID (radio frequency identification) readers on the slopes at all six of their locations.  EpicMix is a way cool application available both online or for mobile devices and is Facebook and Twitter friendly.  It tracks your progress on the slopes and, best of all, requires little work on your part.  Ski passes are RFID-enabled so that which ever slope you hit, your presence, vertical feet, number of runs, finishing time and other parameters are captured, stored online and available to you for tracking and sharing with your friends.  They even snap photographs of you which are available for downloading, posting and bragging about.  Is that lazy enough for you?

Of course, if skiing is a little too active for you, you can always have a romantic weekend in a mountain hideaway with a fireplace and private hot tub.


 It’s a longshot, but it just might work.


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