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Fly Fishing Ana Maria, Cuba

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Fly Fishing Ana Maria, Cuba

Many people around the world enjoy a type of fishing called “fly fishing”– a peaceful and meditative activity, which non-fishermen often don’t understand.

Fly Fishing

 But what exactly is fly fishing? Fly fishing is a method of catching different types of fish using an artificial lure resembling insects or other organisms. This type of fishing works in both salt and fresh water and can be used for catching tarpon, salmon, trout, marlin, largermouth bass, grayling and sometimes even sharks.

 Fly fishing in Ana Maria, Cuba

So now, if you are already passionate about fly fishing, the one of the best places to practice it is in south Ana Maria, Cuba*. This location impresses fishermen with its virgin waters and wide variety of species so much so that it has attracted the attention of several travel agencies.  Many of them, such as Tropical Fly Fishing, specialize in putting together trips aimed at fly fishermen and will provide guides and all necessary equipment and information.

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 What makes the Ana Maria so preferable is that the fish are very abundant. Among the species targeted there are barracuda, bonefish, jack crevalle, tarpon, snook, permit and  snapper, not to mention, bonefish—one of the “holy grails” of fly fishermen.

 How tourists generally pass the time in Ana Maria

 Once tourists arrive at Jucaro port, they typically head for Tortuga where they spend their first night. The next morning they use skiffs to travel around the area and later fish southern Ana Maria.

 Tropical Fly Fishing and the other fishing-oriented travel agencies typically make their guides available anytime. They sleep separately from guests but are always ready to give everybody a hand. In addition, excellent food is provided nonstop for tourists–seafood as well as fruit and vegetables. Meat lovers can enjoy a variety of beef, fowl and pork while appropriate  dishes are available for vegetarians if requested.

 Tropical Fly Fishing, and the other agencies,  will take care of everything, including booking flights, accommodation, transfers of people from one fishing area to another, etc. The fly fishing season runs generally from January to July, but the months vary depending on the type of fish you want to catch. Different species, different seasons. If you are helped by a fishing agency during your stay in Ana Maria, you will have different itineraries, with or without guides, recommended. In addition, depending on the fishing area, different types of boats may be  used.

 So if you are willing to try out fly fishing and to explore unknown, dreamy places, don’t miss out on the opportunity of visiting Ana Maria*. Have a nice catch!

 *Please note that, as of the date of this article (11/15/2013) travel to Cuba is not allowed from the United States.  The laws of other countries vary so be sure to consult with the appropriate departments or agencies prior to making any commitments.

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