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Five Places to Loaf in Edinburgh

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Five Places to Loaf in Edinburgh

There are so many places where one can relax in Edinburgh, but here are five  hot spots that are a must to visit.

Whether you are a resident or a traveler you will always have something new to experience in Edinburgh. I am quite comforted to note that every place on our list has been a site of general loafing for at least 50 years, whilst most have notched up over 200.  One surely breaks the loafing record as it has been there since man first climbed out of the prime-ordeal slime… presumably in order to loaf!


Princes Street Gardens

This beautiful, city-centre public park, built between 1770 and 1820, covers over 30 acres within the shadows of the mighty Edinburgh Castle.  Once a large polluted loch, the water was drained to allow for expansion of the city. Nowadays, visitors can enjoy summer concerts as well as the Festival Fireworks Concert while they lay on a blanket and loaf about under the shade of the park’s magnificent collection of native and imported trees. Cash Back Coupon!

During the winter months the entire park is transformed into a winter wonderland which includes lights, food, vendors from all over the world and an ice skating rink. It is also home to the iconic Scott Monument; the Gothic, pointy, black thing that appears on every Edinburgh postcard!

Scott Monument

Scott Monument


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Arthur’s Seat

Arthur’s Seat is the main peak of a group of hills in Holyrood Park.  Located in the center of Edinburgh and near the Edinburgh Castle it has a height of 822 feet.  Easy to climb and enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful Edinburgh area.  Many believe that this particular hill was named after King Arthur but then again it is hard to find a place in Britain that doesn’t claim some link to the fabled monarch of old.  If you love the out doors and enjoy a small hike, Arthur’s Seat is a perfect way to get in your exercise and loaf around the top for an hour or two; after all it is not often that you get to loaf on top of a volcano, no matter how extinct. 


Outside the Fringe office during festival time

The Festival Fringe is noted as the world’s largest arts festival that lasts 25 days with close to 3,000 shows from over 50 different countries.  If you are in Edinburgh during the month of August, this is one festival that is hard to miss.  Since there is no festival committee you never know what you will see from year to year as some of the most talented performers on earth come to rub shoulders with nutcases and students who think they are funny. 

Need a place to loaf around and enjoy different cultures?  Visiting the Festival Fringe is an experience of a lifetime and if you really want to overdose, head to the Fringe office to be bombarded by the desperate souls who try to persuade you to come to see their show with a variety of tactics – few of them sublte and most involving shouting, enthusiasm and a leaflet.


Pear Tree House Pub

Pear Tree

 Built in 1749, the Pear Tree House Pub is still standing in its original form.  Named after two pear trees that were trained to grow up the side of the building, the original use was as a single family home.  Over the years the Pear Tree House changed hands until in 1826, Andrew Usher purchased the home and turned it into a brewing and distilling dynasty.  With a great big courtyard and a penchant for hosting a wide variety of gigs over the summer months on a custom built stage, you can enjoy sipping good beers and whiskeys in one of Edinburgh’s most beloved public houses all year round – just make sure you bring some layers – they may say it is remarkably sunny but a Scotsman’s idea of “remarkable” and “sunny” is very different to anyone else’s!

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Leith Shore

Since the 14th century and under the witness of many kings and queens, Leith Shore is the port of Edinburgh and rests between Firth of Forth and the Water of Leith.  Known for its culture and creativity, Leith is the perfect place to loaf around and browse through shops on any day of the week and when you are done, there is a great selection of pubs and restaurants to help get your energy up for the 2 mile walk back to Edinburgh city centre… or you could cycle… OK there’s a bus: don’t panic!

Simon Harding

Simon Harding




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