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Epic: Day 2…Momentum

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Epic: Day 2…Momentum
Day Butterfly Center

Entrance to the Butterfly Pavilion

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Day two began with our visit to Callaway Garden’s “Day Butterfly Center” which just so happens to be the only reason we stopped in Pine Mountain. Now, I consider myself a masculine beast of a guy, so something of this nature is really kind of…well…not usually my thing.  If you ever have the chance to see a million colorful butterflies through the eyes of a 5 year old girl, however, you should definitely do it. The Fairy Princess loved it and I loved seeing her expressions as she viewed the little buggers flying around!


Pavillion from outside

Outside view of the pavilion

The butterfly house, as many local Georgians call it, is a huge glass pavilion specifically designed for butterflies to breed, eat, sleep, metamorphose, hang out in and do whatever the hell else butterflies do during their lives. If you enjoy pretty insects and flowers, then this is your kind of place.



Remember the scene in “Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory” where Gene Wilder leads the kids into the main chocolate room? (See the video below) If you were to replace the candy plants with real ones; take the dirty look out of the waterfall; and add a boat load of butterflies, then you would have an idea of what it’s like to walk inside the pavilion.

No matter where you look, rather than candy, you see millions of butterflies flitting around. All colors, sizes and shapes of these colorful bugs fill the air, while others casually perch on trees and flowers.  It’s a magical wonderland of colorful big winged bugs.


Looking at the images, you would assume that this is very serene and peaceful place and for the most part, you would be right. BUT, one thing I learned during this visit is that there are people with a very unique and specific supernatural ability. It’s the type of ability that allows one to look past the brightly colored wings and fluttery elegance that most of us see in butterflies.


When admiring butterflies, most of us see pixie-esque creatures, but not these particular people. They see an evil greater than anything that Hell itself could offer, and they really don’t care for butterflies using their shoulders, heads or other body parts for resting spots. When this happens, these people “freaked the blank out.”

Butterfly on my foot

Butterfly on my foot


I must assume that this butterfly oasis is normally a relaxing and peaceful environment, but on this day, screams, cries and other blood curdling noises echoed to ear splitting levels throughout the land. The source you may ask? Three grief stricken children… accompanied by what I would assume were their parents… who seemed a bit apathetic to the plight of these oracles of evil.


In contrast, the Fairy Princess, who absolutely hates any bug on this planet, was enjoying every minute of this adventure. The only thing that could have made the experience better for her? Candy trees and choco rivers…and maybe some Snozberries. “Snozberry? Whoever heard of a snozberry?” (anyway)Butterfly Sign

I have to admit (evil laugh), I derived a great deal of pleasure from this contrast. My kid, who can be a drama princess more often than I care to admit, was calm, cool and collected. OP’s (other people) kids, on the other hand, were acting as if Godzilla was about to stamp out the entire area. Nice!


All in all, it was a great experience. I was entertained, the Fairy Princess enjoyed a magical land of enchantment, and the wife, she took all of these awesome shots. If you ever get the chance to take the family through western Georgia, make sure to stop by the butterfly house. Either way, it should prove to be a very entertaining and unique experience.


Fairy Princess and I

The Fairy Princess and her Dad.

Oh, the remainder of the day? We spent most of it on the road to Helen, unpacking in Helen, and making yet another trip to a store to grab more things we left in Florida. 

I guess it’s important to let you know there were no interesting nose bleeds, and the only stop for potty time was pleasantly coordinated with lunch.  Things are looking up!


Be sure to come back next week to read about danger, intrigue, the near death experience, and lost treasure.

If you didn’t catch part 1 of this epic, you can check it out here.


Wes Herndon, CEL (Chief Executive Loafer), Spreader of the Word and SEO Dude.
Once an uptight control freak who worked as a Sales officer for a Fortune 100 Financial Services Corporation, Wes has finally found his Zen and learned to let go…a little. Oh, he’s still a control freak, but he’s no longer so uptight about it.

Secretly, Wes has spent the majority of his adult life working at finding new and innovative ways to loaf. Moving from the Mountains of Northeast Georgia to the Emerald Coast of Florida finally provided the ultimate inspiration.

Today, Wes spends his time working out, smoking pork butts, testing new and strangely named craft beers, and hanging with his five year old daughter and wife on the beautiful beaches of South Walton County and Destin.

His most productive time is spent running a successful web marketing firm and working on…which allows Wes to find his own loafing experiences and to vicariously loaf through the experiences of others.


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