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Eat, Drink and be Hairy…For Prostate Cancer Reasearch

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Eat, Drink and be Hairy…For Prostate Cancer Reasearch

Grow your hairs for Prostate Cancer Research!

 We here at have decided to do our part in raising awareness for Prostate Cancer by participating in what is known as “No Shave November”

“No-Shave-November” is where guys and girls alike unite in the height of laziness (which is right up a Loafer’s alley) by agreeing to not shave their beards, legs, pits or other body parts for the entire month of November. Through our laziness, we hope to heighten awareness and possibly funds for prostate cancer and research.

Here are The Rules for those who wish to play along:

Everyone, young and old, male and female can participate in No-Shave-November by following these chronological guide-lines.

October 31rst:

Take it off. No, not your clothes. Your hair. Shave your mug, legs, pits, chest or other miscellaneous parts. Send us a pic of your clean shaven body part via email at or post your pics on our Facebook page. (Note: If it’s a “personal area” then we probably don’t want to see those particular pics…that would be a play at home ONLY situation.)

Nov 1:

Razors are stored away and No shave November begins. We’ll be adding a Donation button to and also offer a special “No Shave…Loafer” T-shirt with a portion of the proceeds going toward prostate cancer research.

Nov 1-7:

The week of scratching that itch. Push yourself, control the desire to shave and relieve the itchiness by scratching away. Regular pic submissions of your progress with sarcastic comments about the agony of the itchiness are highly encouraged

Nov 7:

Day of Gnashing of Teeth. Still itchy…hanging in there. Be strong because it’s a good cause.beard

Nov 14:

By this point, the men should no longer look like Don Johnson from that 80’s TV show (boys may still look somewhat ridiculous). The Girls/ladies start looking like they may be heading to a Phish show somewhere…or as if they are about to chain themselves to a tree in protest of something earthy.

Nov 16:

The hippification of the ladies is complete. Men start looking as if they could chop down trees with their bare hands. Boys and the manly beard challenged still look silly, but we’re glad you’re playing along.


We give thanks for the brawniness and natural state of our situation.

Nov 27:

We all should look like a Paleolithic tribe of heathens.

Nov 30:

Photograph day. Take a “selfie” that exhibits the burliness of your particular hair filled bodily region. Submit the before and after photos for voting. We’ll pick one winner from each gender to receive a LOAFER’s T-shirt.

Dec 1:

We celebrate the Great Festivus of many razors. If you’re so inclined, let the shaving commence.


“Can I keep my existing beard come the end of October and just start from there?”

Loafer’s Decree: The goal of No shave November is not so much a contest or even the ritual shaving, but rather the shear laziness of being unkempt and burly as a unit of individuals. Let us not get bogged down in the hairy details, but keep our eyes on the matter at hand. We’re just glad to have you burly folks already on board. We cannot, however, give you a t-shirt for the competition as you have a head start.


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