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Breaking the Tie…for the Best Irish Pub in the Northeast US!

Breaking the Tie…for the Best Irish Pub in the Northeast US!

909 Elm Street
Manchester, New Hampshire 03101

2399 Main Street
Stratford, Connecticut 06615







As many of you already know, we have had a tie in our Loafer’s Choice Awards Contest for Best Irish Pub in the Northeast.


Below are the rules for settling said tie:


1) Each Pub will shoot a video (quality is at their discretion…camcorder, phones or whatever) and submit it to Lazy Loafer via drop box, email or other means.

a) Video must be no longer than 1:30 in length.

b) Content is mostly at pub’s discretion, but should be entertaining and showcase why that pub should win the Loafers’ Choice Award for Best Irish Pub in  the Northeast.

c)Video must submitted no later than December 3rd, 2013.


2) On Wednesday December 4th, will upload the videos to their website and Youtube page. Each video will include website links to each pub’s website.  Pubs are encouraged to embed their respective video within their own websites and to share them via social media pages.

 Videos are up! View them Here.

3) During the 24 hour period after the videos are uploaded, the winner will be chosen by counting the number of video views during an undisclosed 2 hour period.  

4) Winner will be announced on December 6th by 12pm EST.

The idea behind this run off is to promote both pubs and their web presence, get their clientele engaged and to create a stronger sense each pubs patron pride.




  1. New Hampshire cheaters ain’t got a chance in hell…

  2. New Hampshire says:

    ^^^^Adults, when they are away little kids say the darnedest things.