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The Loafers Behind The Site

Ken Sloan, Editor-in-Chief, Lazy Contributor, Dude in Charge of the Written Word.

Ken is the Editor-in-Chief and an occasional contributor for Lazy Loafer.  He is currently “loafing” on a bayou on the Emerald Coast of north Florida where he lives with three badly behaved dogs and the love of his life, Lorraine. 

Ken’s has traveled extensively for both business and pleasure, domestically and internationally.  In fact, one short trip to Pago Pago, Samoa accidentally turned into a year-long relocation where he worked at the local newspaper, launching his foray into writing.

Ken brings “real world” travel industry experience to the table.  Prior to becoming “Lazy” and something of a “Loafer,” Ken was president/CEO of 1-2-1 Vacation Rentals—a property management company on Florida’s Emerald Coast. He is also chief financial officer of GetawayAssist, a web-based advertising platform for vacation rentals. He has managed over one-hundred rental properties for clients in Florida and the north Georgia mountains.

Ken also has compiled substantial writing experience having written for various newspapers and magazines, and has performed technical writing for several Fortune 500 companies.

When not working or “Loafing,” Ken spends his spare time writing fiction.  He has completed two novels and has a third in progress.  Now if he can just interest an agent or publisher in them…



Josh DeGolier, Chief Coder, Graphics Guy and Miracle Worker.

 Josh is our Head Artistic and Web Design Loafer.  With fifteen years experience as a graphic artist, web master and video game programmer, Josh brings a unique “Lazy” eye to the Lazy Loafer community. 

When not loafing with us, Josh has a number of varied interests, most of which are artistic in nature.  Ranging from the traditional—sculpture, painting and sketching—to the more modern fields of videographics, 3-D design and animation. 

 He can even whip up one heckuva grouper sammich…with hushpuppies, no less.

Most of all, though, Josh’s biggest love is quality time with his six-year-old son.  He’s making it his mission in life to introduce the Littlest Lazy Loafer Lad to the great outdoors, and the joys of hiking, camping, fishing and biking.



Wes Herndon, CEL (Chief Executive Loafer), Spreader of the Word and SEO Dude.

Once an uptight control freak who worked as a sales officer for a Fortune 100 financial services corporation, Wes has finally found his Zen and learned to let go…a little. Oh, he’s still a control freak, but he’s no longer so uptight about it. 

Secretly, Wes has spent the majority of his adult life working at finding new and innovative ways to loaf. Moving from the Mountains of Northeast Georgia to the Emerald Coast of Florida finally provided the ultimate inspiration.

Today, Wes spends his time working out, smoking pork butts, testing new and strangely named craft beers, and hanging with his five year old daughter and wife on the beautiful beaches of South Walton County and Destin. 

His most productive time is spent running a successful web marketing firm and working on…which allows Wes to find his own loafing experiences and to vicariously loaf through the experiences of others.

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