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What is a Lazy Loafer?

From: The Loafer

The Dude abides.  The Lazy loaf.  Simple as that.  What?  You need more explanation?  Okay, let’s discuss this.  What does it mean, to loaf?


First principles.  Read Marcus Aurelius.   Of each particular thing ask: what is it in itself?

–Hannibal Lecter

 You know, in some ways he looks a little like me…

        Hannibal 2dude02

…he could stand a better shirt, though.

Back to the subject at hand.  What does it mean to loaf?  Does it mean we simply sit around on our backsides, smearing Cheesy Poofs all over our faces and watching daytime TV?Cartman


Of course not.  When we loaf, we relax.  REEELAAAXXX.  Because, when we’re not loafing, we have to spend our time—day in, day out; sunup, sundown—working, laboring and struggling to make a life.  For ourselves, for our families, for our employees.  Whatever the motivation, it ain’t easy…it ain’t fun…and it sho’ ain’t loafing.

 So, what is loafing?

 Loafing is engaging in the things you enjoy—on those rare occasions when you have the time to do them.  Maybe it’s tennis.  Maybe it’s fishing.  Maybe it’s shopping.  Maybe it’s going to the theatre.  Who knows?  It’s whatever you want to be doing.

Biking Okay, you’re saying to yourself.  Loafing sounds fun.  But why should I be lazy about it?  If I have a limited amount of time to “loaf,” shouldn’t I be pushing it as hard as I can?  After all, who knows when I’ll get to loaf again?

Listen to me.  “Lazy” does not mean shirking responsibility.  At least, not here.  “Lazy” means you “loaf” (i.e. you do what you want to do) with the least amount of effort necessary.

Still don’t get it?  Let’s look at an example…

Assume you love to golf.  That’s your loaf.  And let’s also assume you’re traveling to Kansas City on business later this week.  You’ve never been to Kansas City before, but you don’t think much about it.  Just a quick meeting…you’ll fly in the night before, meet with the client and fly back out.

As it turns out, though, your meeting is so successful that it wraps up early.  You now have the better part of a day to kill in a place you’ve never been. 

If you had been lazy in the conventional sense, you don’t know the first thing about KC because you didn’t bother to research it.  You don’t know where the golf courses are. You don’t know about the steakhouses, the barbecue (oh, we loafers love our barbecue!) or any of the fun things to do in the area.  So you spend your limited hours driving all over creation looking for something to do.  By the time you’re due back at the airport, chances are you had bad fast food for lunch, got a traffic ticket for making an illegal turn and experienced absolutely no fun at all.  That ain’t loafing.

But, if you had been truly “lazy”…

…you would have checked out the town ahead of time and discovered that there are a number of golf courses where you could have picked up a quick nine holes and still had time to make it to the airport.. 

You could have toured the Harley-Davidson factory



or maybe even taken a little storm chasing trip.

Storm Chasing







Ten minutes up front and, instead of a Big Mac with fries, you would have discovered that Kansas City is home to the Hereford House, one of the finest steak restauarants known to mankind. 


Or, if you’re a vegetarian, you would have learned about Eden Alley, which makes a blow-your-mind Mexican Mandarin cake.SONY DSC

As it is, though, now you’re stuck sitting around the airport, eating Cheesy Poofs and making bets with some Texan on when the next flight will land.Kramer

So who’s really the “lazy” one here?  The one who wasted an entire day with nothing but elevated blood pressure to show for it, or the one who had fun on the prairie? 

And, who’s the real “loafer?”  The one who endured the empty time as an agonizing ordeal, waiting hours for an evening flight, or the one who saw it as a rare gift—an opportunity to do the things he/she likes?

Here’s a hint:  If you have to spend more than two seconds answering those questions, you shouldn’t even be on this site—go here, instead.

So maybe being “lazy” is not necessarily the same thing as being sluggish, slothful or indolent (pretty cool vocabulary, huh?—I bought a thesaurus the other day).  And, maybe, just maybe, loafing means doing a lot more than “nothing.”


To paraphrase one of our favorite entertainers,

here at we’re making laziness and loafing respectable again.


I like his shirt.  Now if we could just get him to wear Dr. Lechter’s hat and sunglasses…

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