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Six things to help you have an awesome Spring Break

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Six things to help you have an awesome Spring Break

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It’s that time of year where college students from all over the US head to their favorite beach destination.

Below  you’ll find some of the items we suggest you avoid.

1) A Local’s house when not invited:  As cool and laid back as most locals are in beach areas, they still aren’t real keen on you showing up at their house uninvited. If you do, they “may unload an arsenal of firearms in your general direction.” Yes, you may be young and invincible, but bullets still hurt.

Photo Courtesy of Walton County Florida Sheriff's Dept.

Photo Courtesy of Walton County Florida Sheriff’s Dept.

2) The Boardwalk of Shame: Yep, this is part of spring break, but more than likely, you’ll probably regret it. Of course if you’re a dude, it may be something to brag about…but if he/she’s willing to bust you off a chunk of loving on the first meeting, then he/she has probably already given out entirely too many chunks already. As a result, you may be taking home a little itchiness in the groinal region…or worse.

3) That backwoods bar:  Yes it is still open at 3:00 in the morning, but it’s not a good idea for you to be visiting any place off the beat path…especially with your “Delta Pre-Exam Slam” shirt on.  Again, we know you’re invincible, but knives may very well be your Kryptonite.  So unless you were raised by a pack of Hell’s Angels, stay away from this one.

4) The liquor store or over 21 club…if you’re not at least 21: That fake ID may work at the Varsity in Athens Georgia, but it will only get you arrested in Florida or other Spring Break destinations in the US.  Yeah, it’s a good looking replica of a Utah Driver’s License, but most folks in tourist destinations have seem them all before. Don’t try it because it may land you in the slammer.

5) Speaking of jail…avoid that: 1,000′s of college kids from all over the US come to the Florida for Spring Break. Some places aren’t just writing tickers for underage consumption, they are hauling kids to jail. Our advice: If you don’t like sodomy and stripes, then play by the rules.

Photo Courtesy of Walton County Sheriff's Dept.

Photo Courtesy of Walton County Sheriff’s Dept.

6) Avoid Dying: Once again, we know you are invincible, but guess what? You’re not. Don’t get drunk and try to walk the balcony rail like it’s a tight rope. Don’t go swimming in rip currents. Don’t try to drink an entire bottle of Everclear in one day. Don’t die. As irritating as college kids can be, no one wants you dead.


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