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5 Cool Things to do While Visiting Savannah Georgia…

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5 Cool Things to do While Visiting Savannah Georgia…

What can I say about visiting Savannah Georgia? Lots! Savannah is a pretty cool old town filled with history, mystery and fun. There is so much more to this culturally rich destination than what you may have seen in such movies as “Forrest Gump”, “The Legend of Bagger Vance” and even “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” These films fall short of showing you the real Savannah, and even TV celebrities like Paula Dean can barely give you a glimpse into what this town is about.

It’s not a vacation destination, a place to live or some old town – it’s a feeling: the warm and cozy type that only comes from a place with so much history and culture that you can feel it oozing from the cobblestones. We love this city so much that our daughter shares its name.

This being said, I wanted to share some really cool loafing spots that will have you adding Savannah to your list of “must see” destinations.

1) River Street:  Shops, bars, history and awesome seafood fill the senses as you take a walk down this waterfront avenue. River Street, which still has the original bricks from when it was built back in the colonial days, makes you able to imagine what a riverfront pub crawl would have felt like in days when dodging horse manure was a regular thing. Which reminds me…be careful if you are indulging heavily in the adult beverages. The bricks make for an uneven stroll that could cause serious damage to your ankles – or your teeth. Speaking of adult beverages, River Street is the best place to celebrate St. Patty’s Day south of Boston…they even dye the river green to commemorate good Ol’ St. Patrick’s accomplishments.

Personal Experience: It was in an Irish pub on River Street, Kevin Barry’s Pub, that my then-fiancé asked me to ask her to marry me…we are still married 10 years later. I bet the beer I snarfed when she asked is still there, soaked into the ancient floorboards. What a history.

Visiting Savannah Georgia- River Street

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2)  Bonaventure Cemetery: Developed on the historically significant site of Bonaventure Plantation, this peaceful place of everlasting rest is set on a scenic bluff off the Wilmington River, east of Savannah. Originally purchased to be a private cemetery in 1846, Bonaventure officially became a public cemetery in 1907. Unlike many historic cemeteries, you can still purchase a plot for your own burial in Bonaventure. The cemetery entrance is located at 330 Bonaventure Road and is open to the public from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day.

Personal Experience: The day after my fiance’ told me I was going to propose to her, we spent the entire day at Bonaventure reflecting on life’s inevitable end…ironic, huh?

Bonaventure Cemetary


3) A Day at the Beach – Tybee Island: Yes there are beaches all over this great country, but on Tybee Island you can get wet, visit some lighthouses, see two historic forts that played a huge part in shaping our history, check out the Tybee Marine Science Center, schedule a fishing charter and eat fresh seafood (with more adult beverages, of course).

Personal Experience: This is a tough excursion after a night on River Street. Be sure to plan this one accordingly.



4) Skidaway Island State Park: Not too far from downtown, this park borders a part of Georgia’s intracoastal waterways.  Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll across a boardwalk which leads to an observation tower. If you like wild creatures, deer, fiddler crabs, raccoon, egrets and other wildlife are easily spotted throughout the park. Many migrating bird species such as Painted Buntings frequently travel through this area, and for the kiddos there is also a scary ass Giant Ground Sloth skeleton replica(see pic below) and reptile room.

Personal Experience: We always want to go here when we’re in Savannah but forget or spend entirely too much time loafing on River Street… and it seems pretty cool so I thought I would include this. Yeah, I know…we always plan on going, but have yet to make it. What a loafer, right?


5) The City Parks and Squares: In the historic district there are parks and tree lined squares at every turn. Old oaks and historic homes give you the feeling of being in the Old South and conjure thoughts of lemonade and southern belles. Various trolley, carriage and walking tours are available, or if you prefer you can treat yourself to a leisurely stroll back in time.

Personal Note: Jazz Festival in Forsyth Park…a must-do with awesome music. One of the best and most relaxing ways to loaf in Savannah.

Forsyth Park

There is so much more to Savannah than meets the “lazy” eye…but the items on the list above are always on our must-do list when we’re in town. The important thing is to get there, create your own list and just get to loafing.

Wes is our CEL (Chief Executive Loafer). Once an uptight control freak who worked as a Sales officer for a Fortune 100 Financial Services Corporation, Wes has finally found his Zen and learned to let go…a little. Oh, he’s still a control freak, but he’s no longer so uptight about it. Secretly, Wes has spent the majority of his adult life working at finding new and innovative ways to loaf. Moving from the Mountains of Northeast Georgia to the Emerald Coast of Florida finally provided the ultimate inspiration. Today, Wes spends his time working out, smoking pork butts, testing new and strangely named craft beers, and hanging with his five year old daughter and wife on the beautiful beaches of South Walton County and Destin. His most productive time is spent running a successful web marketing firm and working on…which allows Wes to find his own loafing experiences and to vicariously loaf through the experiences of others.


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